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Gotta love a craft that can be finished in a day! Hand painted magnets!

Need a rainy day project!  Just get some flat marble Gem stones (I get them at our dollar tree store), some round magnets (any craft store), sturdy glue (silicone glue works good or any glue that holds well), paint brushes (small size) and acrylic paint.  This is a very easy craft that can be done in a day! 

1.)Set out marble gem stones and go to painting them (remember that you only need a tiny bit of paint for this)!  You may want to wait and paint one layer at a time so that the paint doesn’t spread.  You shouldn’t have to wait too long between layers though.  Be creative and think of pictures/words/designs that you would like! If you are wanting to do dots use the back of the paintbrush to make perfect mini circles.

2.) Once dry you can spray with some kind of coating or just leave as is.  Then put a drop of glue on your round magnet to attach to the marble stone and let dry.  That’s it!

Tip:  You can also just look for flat and smooth rocks/stones outside to paint (you might need different magnets depending on the size of the rock/stone).  Make sure to wash the rock before painting.

Most importantly HAVE FUN!


Put those old magazines to good use!

So how about recycling those old magazines by turning them into a bowl and some coasters for your house.  I know it may sound different, but it actually turned out to be a neat project! Here’s a couple pictures for you…


   This took me about two days off and on (could be done in a day) and was a pretty easy. I may be adding some kind of a coat or mod podge to it in the next couple days. 

Need:   Some old magazines, glue sticks (the kind you used to use in school), and a hot glue gun

1.) Make 3 inch strips out of magazine pages.                                                                                 

2.) Turn strip with the long way facing you and put a little of the glue from the glue stick on one end.  Roll and flatten so that it’s about the size of a straw/popsicle stick up to the end of the paper where your glue should hold it.  Make a whole bunch of these (how many just depending on how big/small you want the bowl or coasters).   

3.) Start to make a small roll by curling up the end of one stick and rolling it in a spiral.  Hot glue with dots of glue spaced out as you go to make sure it’s secure.  Try to roll it evenly.  When you are finished with one stick, just hot glue the next one right beside it and keep going until desired size.  You can find another bowl/coaster around the house that’s the size you will want it and measure it on the bottom to see how big you need to make the base.  I used a small mixing bowl.  If you are making a coaster than you will stop at this point. 

4.) When the bottom is the size you want it then you will start moving up a little at a time to make the rest of the bowl.  I put a little hot glue on the top of the front of each strip to join the next one up.  As you can see in the picture, the strip that is going on top of the one before covers about half of the last strip.  I hope that makes sense :).  Make it as big or as small as you would like it to be.

5.)  For mine I cut a bunch of small pieces from the strips I had left over and glued them around the rim.  This is optional.

6.)  If you would like you can mod podge or put a coating over top and inside the bowl or on the coaster when you are finished.

I hope that was easy to understand.  It was a fun project and I encourage you to try it out!

On your mark…Get set…Go!!!

I decided that since I am someone who LOVES to create things and do any kinds of arts and crafts that I would start a blog all about it.  I have always loved art, even as a little girl!  It’s so fun to be able to make something with your own hands and put your own design and spin on it!    At one point I was thinking of the movie Julie and Julia and thought about the fact that if someone could make 365 recipes in a year (basically one per day), then why couldn’t that be done with crafts.  So I thought hey maybe I’ll make 365 crafts in a year, then reality hit me and I thought about how busy I was with family and just day to day life that it may be a little unrealistic.   I also didn’t want to take the fun out of it if I just didn’t feel like doing it one day (doesn’t happen very often).   So here I am blogging about crafts I make and the process I take to make them.  So to all you artsy crafty people out there I hope you enjoy this blog!  As for me I don’t think I’ll ever get tierd of doing arts and crafts.  So watch for me when I’m 99 sitting in my rocking chair with a pair of scissors, some glue and some paper.  Most importantly when you are making your projects just have fun with it!  Enjoy!

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